The Florida Vascular Society is transitioning management and has a new home office. Please make a note of the new contact information:

The Florida Vascular Society
6816 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 1000
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 309-6268

Please contact us with any questions.

Welcome to the Florida Vascular Society, dedicated to the science, art, diagnosis and management of vascular diseases.

The Florida Vascular Society was established in 1988 to promote the science and art of the diagnosis and management of Vascular Disease and encourage research and education in the field. The FVS Annual Scientific Sessions are designed to provide four days of comprehensive education to update participants on current research, techniques, and therapies pertaining to vascular disorders.

Elected Officers for 2020–2021

President – Charles S. Thompson, MD, FACS

President Elect – Thomas S. Huber, MD, FACS

Treasurer – Santiago H. Chahwan, MD, FACS

Secretary – Libby S. Watch, MD, FACS

Immediate Past President – Deepak G. Nair, MD, FACS

Councilor – Shonak B. Patel, MD

Councilor – Juan Carlos Pereda, MD, FACS

Councilor – Murray L. Shames, MD, FACS

Councilor – S. Scott Tapper, MD, FACS