2021 Spring/Summer Newsletter



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President’s Message

Charles S. Thompson, MD, FACSPresident (2020 - 2021)
Charles S. Thompson, MD, FACS
President (2020 – 2021)

Throughout our lives, many of us experience profound events which, for better or for worse, make us say “This is one that’s going into the history books for sure.” At the one-year mark of this pandemic, there is little doubt the COVID-19 chapters will be bountiful. And there is even less doubt the medical community will be featured in them. Your continued efforts to provide patient care on the frontlines are one of the biggest reasons we are beginning to see sunshine break through the storm clouds.

Yes, the surgical community continues to feel the effects of the global pandemic, and this rings true for the Florida Vascular Society as well. Last year, the date of our Annual Meeting came upon us with no time for contingencies, and we were left with little to do but cancel. We committed ourselves to making sure we had a plan in place should we find ourselves in a similar position in 2021.

Though we do find things to be looking up on the vaccination front, the FVS has made the decision to transition the 34th Annual Scientific Sessions to an all-virtual conference for the first time ever. On April 23-24, I invite our members to enjoy case study and basic science reports, product theaters courtesy of our industry partners and much more. This virtual experience is absolutely free and offers up to 6.75 hours of CME credit. I would like to extend my personal thanks to Thomas Huber, MD, for helping to put together such an awesome agenda for our organization.

I know some of you might have pre-booked rooms at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World when you pre-registered for the meeting, and I am happy to inform you the hotel has agreed to honor the initial room rate. If you plan on taking advantage of this deal, let FVS Staff know – it would be great to get everyone safely together as we embark on the virtual events. I am looking forward to seeing you all!

A final thing I would like to mention is the importance of legislative advocacy in our community – especially right now. Recently, there was a collaboration between Florida medical societies. Arthur Palamara, MD, represented FVS in this collaboration as Chair of our Advocacy Committee. He discussed reimbursement solutions (state tax credits, temporarily increased Medicaid, etc.), liability protections, budget neutrality and much more. As these issues are both timely and extremely pertinent to our profession, I would encourage everyone to check the discussion out here.

As always, I wish everyone good health, safety, and surgical success in 2021. Please feel free to contact me any time at president@fvs.org.







Annual Meeting Report and Agenda

The Florida Vascular Society’s 34th Annual Scientific Sessions will be held for the first time ever as a virtual conference on April 23-24, 2021. Going virtual will allow us to educate our members as well as the vascular community on current research, techniques, and therapies pertaining to vascular disorders, while ensuring our attendees, faculty members, and supporters are staying safe and healthy from the comfort of their homes.

The scientific agenda will incorporate case reports, case series, basic science reports, and the annual business meeting of the FVS. In addition, attendees can expect to hear from our industry partners during several product theaters showcasing their products, services, and tools that will benefit and impact your practice. Registration is complimentary for the meeting and will offer up to 6.75 hours of CME credit.

To learn more about the meeting and to register online, click here.



*Agenda is subject to change

Friday, April 23, 2021
1:00-1:05 PM: Welcome & Introductions by Charles Thompson, MD, President

Session I: The Next Generation

Case Series & Panel Discussion (1:05-2:35 PM)

1:05-1:20 PM: Femoral Flow Redirection (FRED) Technique to Limit Visceral Artery Ischemia During Fenestrated Endovascular Aortic Repair (FEVAR) by Ahmed Ghamraoui, DO

1:20-1:35 PM: Percutaneous Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair with Monitored Anesthesia Care Decreases Operative Time but Not Pulmonary Complications by Joshua Kronenfeld, MD

1:35-1:50 PM: Endovascular and Open Surgical Treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease in Patients with HIV by Lauren Harry, MD

1:50-2:05 PM: Traumatic Lower Extremity Vascular Injuries and Limb Salvage in a Civilian Urban Trauma Center by Eva Urrechaga, MD

2:05-2:20 PM: Proximal Fixation of Endovascular Aortic Device Does Not Play A Role In Renal Function Decline After Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair by Camila Franco Mesa, MD

2:20-2:35 PM: Panel Discussion

Case Reports & Panel Discussion (2:35-4:00 PM)

2:35-2:45 PM: Vascular Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in 2 Pediatric Patients by Rachel Pruett, MD

2:45-2:55 PM: The Migrating Bullet: A Case Report of a Venous Bullet Embolism by Leslie Meredith, MD

2:55-3:05 PM: Delayed Presentation of a Traumatic Radial Artery Pseudoaneurysm by Megan Cibulas, MD

3:05-3:15 PM: Total Autogenous Revascularization of an Innominate Artery Occlusive Disease by Ulegbek Negmadjanov, MD

3:15-3:25 PM: Surgical Repair of Complex, Distal Internal and Common Carotid Artery Aneurysm by Thomas Dougherty, MD

3:25-3:35 PM: Coil Embolization of a Massive Renal Artery Pseudoaneurysm Following Trauma: A Case Report by Alireza Daneshpajouh, DO

3:35-3:50 PM: Panel Discussion

Basic Science Reports & Panel Discussion (4:00-4:45 PM)

4:00-4:15 PM: Pro-Angiogenic Cascade Signaling as the Mechanism for Vascular Regenerative Medicine by Hallie Quiroz, MD

4:15-4:30 PM: Exploring Further Utilization of Biomechanical Characterization of the Vascular System via Ultrasonography

4:30-4:45 PM: Panel Discussion

4:45 PM: FVS Meeting Ends

5:00-5:45 PM: Product Theater: Early Experience with the FDA Approved GORE® EXCLUDER® Conformable AAA Endoprosthesis with ACTIVE CONTROL System by Erin Moore, MD, sponsored by Gore.

Saturday, April 24, 2021
8:00-8:05 AM: Welcome & Introductions by Charles Thompson, MD, President

Session II: The Next Generation

Case Series & Panel Discussion (8:05-9:35 PM)

8:05-8:20 AM: Re-discovering an Old Standard: Ilio-Femoral Bypass with Adjunctive Procedures, for Primary or Secondary Iliac Artery Occlusion by Arthur Palamara, MD

8:20-8:35 AM: Office-Based Tunneled Hemodialysis Catheter Removals: Evaluating Safety, Quality, and Cost by Emilie Giuffre, BS

8:35-8:50 AM: Patient-Specific Treatment for Prosthetic Graft Infections: A Reproducible Protocol Using Antibiotic-Loaded Polymethylmethacrylate Beads by Eduardo Rodriguez Zoppi, MD

8:50-9:05 AM: Below Knee Amputation with Resection of the Gastrocnemius and Soleus Muscles (BG) by Paul Citrin, MD

9:05-9:20 AM: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Management of Complex Lymphoceles by Vasiliy Ovakimyan, MD

9:20-9:35 AM: Panel Discussion

Case Reports & Panel Discussion (9:35-11:00 AM)

9:35-9:45 AM: Case Report on Deep Vein Arterialization in No Option Peripheral Arterial Disease by Ivana Vasic, MD

9:45-9:55 AM: May-Thurner Syndrome: Case Report of an Unusual Cause of DVT by Karina Cardenas, MD

9:55-10:05 AM: Percutaneous Embolization of a Ruptured Mycotic Visceral Aortic Aneurysm Stump Hemorrhage by Samuel Nussbaum, MD

10:05-10:15 AM: Peripheral Vascular Bypass with Cadaveric Arterial Allograft in a Toddler with Femoral Mycotic Aneurysm by Kirby Quinn

10:15-12:25 AM: A Hybrid Approach in the Management of a Large Pancreaticoduodenal Artery Aneurysm by Ulugbek Negmadjanov, MD

10:25-10:35 AM: External Iliac Artery Pseudoaneurysm secondary to Perforated Sigmoid Diverticulitis by Joseph Halinski, MD

10:35-10:45 AM: Pediatric Popliteal Artery Pseudo-Aneurysm: A Case Report and Literature Review by Estela Abuch, MD

10:45-11:00 AM: Panel Discussion

11:00-11:15 AM: Break

Florida Vascular Society Business Meeting

11:15-11:45 AM: Business Meeting



Foundation Report

Geoffrey Risley, MD, FACS
Geoffrey Risley, MD, FACS
President, Florida Vascular Foundation

I hope this update finds you and your families happy and healthy. This past year has been unprecedented in its effect on the social fabric in which we operate. We have faced tremendous challenges as a society and specialty. Thankfully, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. This light has been brought in a large part by science. As we begin to return to some semblance of normalcy in our lives, I trust we will all recognize the role that support of our young trainees has in the development of their careers in the health sciences and vascular surgery in particular. The Florida Vascular Foundation (FVF) plays an integral role in that support.

Our organizations, the FVF and Florida Vascular Society (FVS) have historically depended on gathering together each year for the FVS annual Scientific Sessions. 2020 and 2021 have proven difficult socially and culturally, and the importance of surgical community is apparent. Looking forward, I am pleased that we will hold the 34th Annual Florida Vascular Society annual Scientific Sessions and award the Jose “Pepe” Alvarez, Jr., MD Resident Award, Dr. JJ Karmacharya Award, and Mark L. Friedell, MD Award.

Continued contributions to our Foundation are necessary to maintain our ability to meet our Mission of pursuing the expansion of the knowledge of vascular disease in all individuals. To meet our mission, we fundraise to educate the public regarding health issues associated with vascular disease. 2020 and 2021 have been trying times and we recognize money is tighter than ever; however, it is through your contributions that we meet our mission. Your continued contributions to the Foundation provide travel scholarships to successful candidates from a Florida accredited general/vascular surgical training program who demonstrate a commitment to the study, research and promotion of public awareness of vascular diseases.

We have ~120 active members in the FVS. If each of us would commit to giving $50 per month to the Foundation, this would result in ~$72,000 for the Foundation. I don’t think this is an unreasonable goal and when one considers the benefits that this level of funding would generate in terms of funding our annual meeting and multiple student and resident scholarships. I look forward to being able to resume the traditions of the FVS in 2022.

New in 2021, the FVF has absorbed the JJ Karmacharya Foundation for Vascular Surgery. All funds in the JJ Foundation have been provided to the FVF, restricted for the continued support a conference in South Florida focusing on education the medical community and general public about health issues associated with aortic and vascular diseases and continued scholarships for students interested aortic and vascular disease in the honor of Dr. Karmacharya. We look forward to continuing fundraising efforts to ensure the longevity of Dr. Karmacharya’s service to Florida’s patients.

If you missed out last newsletter, it can be found here. It is a pleasure to serve the patients and public of Florida as the FVF President.

*As of March 24, 2021



Membership Report

Shonak Patel, MD
Shonak Patel, MD
Chair, Membership

The membership committee has met to discuss initiatives to increase membership and expand upon member categories. The current members of this committee include:

Dr. Chahwan- Southwest Florida
Dr. Feezor- Northeast Florida
Dr. Pereda- Southeast Florida
Dr. Patel- Panhandle/Northwest Florida

We currently have 135 members within FVS. We are accepting dues of which 81% (109/135) of members have paid to current. Membership can now pay dues through the website without Paypal. Non-members can now join through the website directly, also without Paypal, at https://fvs.org/apply/.

As a goal for continued growth in FVS we have developed a spreadsheet to use as a tool for outreach and tracking. We have assigned regions to each committee member based on their current practice location. Through this, we are asking our local industry partners to help provide a list of regional Vascular Surgeons. This list will be used to track current members as well as to help recruit new members. Further outreach will be provided by compiling SVS, FMA, ACS and other lists of Vascular Surgeons. This will be an ongoing initiative.

Currently, both letters to residents and non-members have been produced to promote the submittal of abstracts and attendance at our Annual meeting in April of 2021.

Lastly, it was discussed that the Regional Meetings with key speakers could be held virtually as well as a program of “Spectacularly Difficult Cases” be a source of community engagement.



Committee Volunteer Opportunities

The Florida Vascular Society was established to promote the science and art of the diagnosis and management of vascular disease and encourge research and education in the field. We are looking for volunteers to join the following FVS committees to meet our goals:

Advocacy Committee: The FVS Advocacy Committee works to make sure our voices are heard in Florida Legislature through collaboration on surgical advocacy days programming, at the Florida Medical Association House of Delegates, the Florida Board of Medicine, and First Coast Service Options – Florida’s current Medicare Administrative Contract. By joining this committee, you can ensure the voice of FVS is heard in the state.

Communications Committee: The FVS Communications Committee leads the outreach efforts to our membership and beyond through social media, our website, and a newly-developed and member-exclusive electronic newsletter. Volunteer today to help FVS promote the awareness, collaboration, and opportunities to engage in Florida’s vascular community.

Membership Committee: The FVS Membership Committee seeks to identify who we are to the Florida medical community, increase membership and awareness of the FVS in Florida, and develop value for the membership through tangible and intangible membership benefits.

Email membership@fvs.org to volunteer for one of these important and engaging FVS committees. Get involved today!