Contact the Florida Vascular Society

The Florida Vascular Society
6816 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 1000
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Telephone: (904) 309-6268

Elected Officers for 2020–2021

President – Charles S. Thompson, MD, FACS

President-Elect – Thomas S. Huber, MD, FACS

Treasurer – Santiago H. Chahwan, MD, FACS

Secretary – Libby S. Watch, MD, FACS

Immediate Past President – Deepak G. Nair, MD, FACS

Councilor – Shonak B. Patel, MD, FACS

Councilor – Juan Carlos Pereda, MD, FACS

Councilor – Murray L. Shames, MD, FACS

Councilor – S. Scott Tapper, MD, FACS