One of the major goals of the Florida Vascular Society for the current academic year is to expand the membership by adding at least 25 new members.  There are numerous advantages of being a member of organization that include the scientific content of the annual meeting,

the ability to mentor the next generation of vascular surgeons and the collegiality of individuals throughout the state that face the same challenges and successes of caring for patients with vascular disease.

The Florida Vascular Society has established the Membership Challenge 2024 to help meet our goals and sustain the vitality of the organization.


Recruiting & Referring a new candidate for FVS membership is a simple process:

Partner with your regional representatives: Drs. Inky Parrack (Southwest), Shonak Patel (North), Juan Carlos Pereda (South), and Jon Wesley (Central) to take the lead in your area!

The member that recruits the most new members will receive a complimentary registration to our 37th Annual Scientific Sessions Meeting being held April 11-April 14, 2024 at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, Florida.  Although the complimentary registration is nice, the highest recruiter will have the satisfaction of knowing that they made the largest contribution to the health our organization.

The organization remains one of our favorites and the leadership is committed to improving the best state vascular society in the country.

Please contact Shana Harvey at or 904-309-6201 with any questions or concerns.



Murray Shames, MD                                         Shonak Patel, MD
President                                                             Membership Chairman
Florida Vascular Society                                  Florida Vascular Society