Medical Students

Receive a Scholarship

The Florida Vascular Foundation is happy to continue its Next Generation program by providing travel scholarships to medical students from the nine graduate programs across the state of Florida. All applicants must complete and submit (1) the scholarship application by January 1, 2019 and (2) a 500 word essay describing why the scholarship is important to their career goals. The scholarship is intended to support travel expenses and lodging to allow students to attend the Florida Vascular Society Scientific Sessions.

Scholarship recipients may be asked to deliver a 3-5 minute presentation focused on an interesting case, a clinical entity of interest or an ongoing or completed research project. Presentations will take place at the meeting and will be eligible for the Mark L. Friedell, MD Award. This will be the ideal setting to showcase your own work to both your peers and to potential mentors amongst the FVS membership.

Find an FVS Mentor

The Florida Vascular Society and its members take pride in our commitment to educating medical students with respect to all that the field of Vascular Surgery has to offer. To this end, students who take part in this program will have complete access to all of the FVS members in attendance with ample opportunity to interact both professionally and socially. This should create the ideal setting in which to identify a mentor vascular surgeon who will be able to help you with important career decisions and with navigating the path to a successful career in Vascular Surgery!