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2018 Annual Meeting Presentations

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Current Status of EVAR_Ronald Fairman, MD

Playing Every Point to Improve_Jeb Hallett, MD

Blunt Aortic Injury_Benjamin Starnes, MD

Lipedema_A Common Clinical Entity_Scott Tapper, MD

Long-Term Results of Surgical Resection_Albert Hakaim, MD

Stop the Bleed_David Sailors, MD

Stop the Bleed_Why Are We Spending_Richard Hunt, MD

Trends and Outcomes in the Treatment_Adarsh Bellur

Lemierre’s Syndrome_Naveen Dhawan

70 Year old Female_Karim Ead

A Lumped-Parameter Computational Model_Benjamin Eslahpazir

Common to Internal Iliac Artery Stent_Edward Oh

Bilateral Peripheral Vascular Disease_Austin Price

What Not to Do in Carotid Surgery_Russell Samson, MD

Intravascular Ultrasound_Naixin Kang, MD

E-Selectin – AAV Gene Therapy_Punam Parikh, MD

Validation of AAA Patient_Suniah Ayub, MD

Strategies for Radiation Reduction_Jeffrey Edwards, MD

A New Technique to Superficialize_Danielle Fontenot, MD

Metformin Does Not Reduce Inflammation_S. Keisin Wang, MD

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome_Andrew Abi-Chaker, MD

Role of a Vascular Surgeon_Alex Lall, MD

Treatment of Common Iliac Arteries_Matthew Sanders, MD


Friday, April 27, 2018

Management Options_James Dennis, MD

Current Management of Popliteal_Joseph Habib, MD

Alternative Conduits_Paul Armstrong, DO

Contemporary Management of Lower Extremity_Paul Armstrong, DO

Evidence-Based Optimal Treatments_Javairiah Fatima, MD

Update on BEST-CLI Trial_Kristina Giles, MD

Secrets of Tibial Artery _Deepak Nair, MD

Endovascular vs Open Rescue_Joshua Unger, MD

10 Year Exp of Open Aorto-Iliac-Femoral_Jorge Rey, MD

President Address_ Jeffrey Hertz, MD


Saturday, April 28, 2018

Alea Iacta Est Crossing the Rubicon_Benjamin Starnes, MD

Telehealth Innovation_Jeb Hallett, MD

Re-Interventions Following TEVAR_Ronald Fairman, MD

Vascular Center of Excellence_Paul Armstrong, DO

Update on Board of Vascular Surgery_Thomas Huber, MD

Exp Heparin Bonded Arterio-Venous_Arthur Palamara, MD

Redo Aortic Arch Reconstruction_Sean ODonnell, MD

Wound Care_Joshua Unger, MD


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Three Big Trends_Jeb Hallett, MD

Ruptured AAA Experience_Benjamin Starnes, MD

Open vs Endovascular Options_Ronald Fairman, MD

Role of the Vascular Surgeon in Epilepsy_Alberto Lopez, MD

Our Operative Exp in Traumatic Blunt Aortic_Stefan Kenel-Pierre, MD

Hybrid Revascularization for TransAtlantic_Arash Bornak, MD

Open Conversion for Failed Endovascular_Michele Taubman, MD

Open Paravisceral Aneurysm_Elizabeth Ramos Duran, MD