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Abbott Vascular is the world’s leader in drug-eluting stents. Abbott Vascular has an industry-leading pipeline and a comprehensive portfolio of market-leading products for cardiac and vascular care, including products for coronary artery disease, vessel closure and endovascular disease.

Acute Wound Care is a licensed medical supply company that specializes in providing in-home wound care and compression devices. We offer pneumatic compression devices that are approved by Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurances. These devices are specifically designed to treat venous insufficiency and lymphedema. Additionally, we provide high-quality wound care products and surgical dressings, allowing patients to conveniently and safely treat their wounds at home. By choosing our products, patients can reduce the risk of infection, lower costs, minimize procedure time, and simplify their aftercare process.

Amputee Associates

Our model pairs surgeon, patient, prosthetist, and care coordinator to assure the best overall outcome for the patient and their family. While this closely integrated care model assesses and ushers the amputee through recovery, our business experts navigate compliance, coding, appeals, revenue, and prosthetic inventory. You can focus on patients and procedures. An Amputee Associates’ partnership enables you to achieve remarkable results with a very distinct patient profile.

AngioAdvancements is a pioneering leader in innovative medical technologies focused on advancing the field of medical CO2 delivery and gas management. Our flagship product, the CO2mmander ELITE Portable Medical CO2 Delivery System, is designed to provide precise and controlled delivery of CO2, offering portability and ease of use. The CO2mmander ELITE empowers healthcare professionals with the tools they need to optimize patient outcomes. Complementing our CO2 delivery system is the AngiAssist Gas Management System. This cutting-edge technology is specifically engineered to streamline the gas management processes, ensuring efficient utilization, and monitoring of gases during medical procedures. With the CO2mmander and AngiAssist Gas Management System, healthcare providers can focus on their patients with confidence, knowing they have reliable support for managing critical aspects of gas administration. Join us at the conference to learn more!

Headquartered in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, Artivion, Inc. is a medical device company focused on developing simple, elegant solutions that address cardiac and vascular surgeons’ most difficult challenges in treating patients with aortic diseases. Artivion’s four major groups of products include: aortic stents and stent grafts, surgical sealants, On-X mechanical heart valves, and implantable cardiac and vascular human tissues. Artivion markets and sells products in more than 100 countries worldwide. For additional information about Artivion, visit our website,

BD is one of the largest global medical technology companies in the world and is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. BD helps customers enhance outcomes, lower costs, increase efficiencies, improve safety and expand access to health care.

Centerline Biomedical is a Cleveland Clinic spinoff company commercializing the Intra-Operative Positioning System (IOPS) technology, an innovative, 3D GPS-like surgical navigation technology that improves endovascular procedure outcomes and reduces radiation exposure.

Endologix LLC is a privately held global medical device company dedicated to improving patient’s lives by providing innovative therapies for the interventional treatment of vascular disease.

Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company, dedicated to improving well-being through excellent products and services. As part of its Personal Care offering, Essity provides innovative, high-quality medical solutions in Compression, Wound Care and Orthopedics. With renowned brands such as JOBST, Leukoplast, Cutimed, Actimove and Delta-Cast.

Gore engineers medical devices that treat a range of cardiovascular and other health conditions. With more than 50 million medical devices implanted over the course of more than 45 years, Gore builds on its legacy of improving patient outcomes through research, education and quality initiatives. Product performance, ease of use and quality of service provide sustainable cost savings for physicians, hospitals and insurers. Gore is joined in service with clinicians and through this collaboration we are improving lives.

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iCHOR’s arterial and venous reperfusion systems replicate successful parameters of surgical clot removal with a proven mechanism of action (balloon sweep) combined with on-demand embolic protection.

Inari Medical is committed to improving lives in extraordinary ways by pioneering innovative solutions for both unmet and underrecognized health needs. In addition to purpose-built products, Inari leverages capabilities in education, clinical research, and program development to improve patient outcomes. We are passionate about our mission to establish our treatments as the standard of care for venous thromboembolism and beyond.

LeMaitre is a provider of medical devices and services for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease, a condition that affects more than 200 million people worldwide. The Company develops, manufactures, and markets disposable and implantable devices used primarily by vascular surgeons.

Meds Global has products designed to improve and optimize the performance of medical workers and make patients feel comfortable and improve their care. The company has rich experience in health products and non-invasive equipment

About MIMEDX: MIMEDX is a pioneer and leader in the field of placental tissue. With more than a decade of helping clinicians manage chronic and hard-to-heal wounds, MIMEDX is dedicated to providing a leading portfolio of products for applications in the wound care, burn, and surgical settings of healthcare. The Company’s vision is to be the leading global provider of healing solutions through relentless innovation to restore quality of life.

Mindray is a global leader and developer of healthcare technologies and solutions for monitoring, anesthesia, and ultrasound. Mindray’s portfolio of point of care and radiology ultrasound machines empower clinicians to streamline workflow to provide the highest quality of care with confidence. Learn more by visiting

At OPC Prosthetics, our commitment to patient-centered care remains unwavering and pioneering. We’re setting new standards by going beyond traditional approaches. We’re not just providers; we’re partners on their journey to a fulfilling life Personalized Home Visits & Wellness Checks , Complimentary Transportation to Our Offices, Amputee Advocates and Support Groups result in a comprehensive, results-driven care plan. It’s not just about prosthetics; it’s about enabling patients to pursue what they love with confidence and determination.

Designed for the management of chronic and acute wounds, our portfolio of advanced wound care solutions can support patients from early in the wound healing process through to wound closure regardless of wound type.

Pivotal Healthcare Partners is a team of administrative professionals who support highly exceptional physicians that are deeply committed to the health and well-being of patients throughout the communities they serve. Pivotal change in healthcare requires strong partnerships. As the largest cardiovascular practice management company in Florida, we bring Cardiology, Vascular and Cardiothoracic physician practices together and empower pivotal change by aligning talent, services and technology to achieve optimal results.

Rooke Products are designed to naturally warm the limb. The Vascular Boot boost regional distal perfusion, the BKA/AKA Protectors protect in the event of a fall & the Vascular Mitt treats patients w/vascular-compromised hands

Shape Memory Medical is reshaping clinical success through the science of smart polymer. Smart polymer upgrades device performance and redefines embolization possibilities. Our conformable smart polymer delivers unparalleled volume, returns imaging clarity, and promotes healing as the material absorbs. We continue to drive a cross-specialty portfolio to meet procedural demands.

Shockwave Medical is a company focused on developing and commercializing products intended to transform the way calcified cardiovascular disease is treated. We aim to establish a new standard of care for medical device treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease through our differentiated and proprietary local delivery of sonic pressure waves for the treatment of calcified plaque, which we refer to as Intravascular Lithotripsy.
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Silk Road Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: SILK) is a medical device company located in Sunnyvale, California, that is focused on reducing the risk of stroke and its devastating impact.
The company’s flagship procedure, TransCarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR®), is clinically proven to treat blockages in the carotid artery at risk of causing a stroke.
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At Terumo Aortic, we partner with our customers to revolutionize aortic care. We deliver innovation, versatility and precision with the broadest range of solutions that can be personalized for every patient. We are further complementing our implantable device portfolio through the development of digital technologies.